Our Srvices

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Paddling groups

Each morning we head out to sea with several SUP groups. Our course is set by the conditions of each particular day. The paddling groups size are from one to twenty participants. for each eight perticipants there is one  teacher. 

We supply the boards and paddles

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SUP events

We offer special events for companies, and big group. These events create consolidation and a great bond within the participating group, while learning an exciting new sport.

SUP is an "Anyone can do" sport. Success rates in SUP, even for first timers, are very high.


Beginners lessons

These lessons are for beginners with no previous background in water sports. The essence of these lessons is giving basic SUP skills and confidence in the water. Anyone from 12 to 80 can join beginners lessons.

These lessons are taught by professional  teachers, which have been trained in our own unique teaching and paddling method.

The lessons take place in the Herzliya Marine bay, which provides perfect conditions throughout the year.

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Yoga classes

Yoga keeps us healthy, and develops physical and mental awareness.

We provide Yoga lessons, which are conducted by Tal Blankstein, a certified iyengar yoga teacher, in a closed sea view space.

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SUP surf lessons

SUP surfing is an advanced field in this great sport.

Entering the world of surfing, requires high skills and good control over the SUP board.

SUP surf lessons are done in "one on one" form, and are with a big emphasis on safety, "reading" the waves and being aware to the surfer's surroundings.

This teaching method was developed by Shahar Peleg, and it allows a safe and effective progress.

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Windsurfing lessons

In the 80's windsurfing reached nearly every house, and along the years, the development of this sport to a technically hard sport, and the hassle of storing and transporting windsurfing gear, have alienated people from this great sport.

Today, when allot of people are exposed to the sea through SUP, windsurfing became popular again. Connecting a sail to a SUP makes windsurfing easy and accessible.

Within three lessons, anyone could start windsurfing back and forth and enjoy this amazing sport.

*Windsurfing lessons last an hour and a half.

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Wave surfing lessons

Surfing was first seen in Hawaii as early as the end of the 19th century. as time passed by, surfboards have developed and improved, and nowadays anyone can go surfing.

In the past few years, using soft boards and improving teaching techniques have made this amazing sport even more accessible then ever.

Wave surfing suits every age.


SUP trips

Every couple of weeks we load up the boards and go out seeking the great water sources Israel has to offer. 

These trips combine challenging but easy going paddling, quality social time and environmental enrichment.